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Hi Rob,
thanks for the photos. we're very pleased with the deck and doors - thanks for an excellent job. The workmanship is excellent. I will certainly be calling you when I next need anything done around the house. All the best and thanks very much,
steve (2004)

To Whom It May Concern:
I have had the pleasure of subcontracting Rob Salazar with Perfection Construction during the construction of my home in Tesuque. As a general contractor for my own residence, I hired Rob from October to December 1996. Rob had built the following items for my house:

Built a pantry closet
Built shelves in two bathrooms, each bathroom had approximately six shelves and each shelf had a unque shape.
Built the shelves in a walk-in master bedroom closet
Built shelves for three closets
Installed Formica countertops in the laundry room
Shimmed all the windows and exterior doors in a 2400 sq. ft. home
Attached handrails for the steps to the garage
Designed and built an artist's work table

Most of the items above were challenging because of the odd angles in the design of my home. I was impressed with Rob's workmanship, his eye for detail, and his ability in problem solving. He is very easy to work with because he will always find a way to make your idea work. Rob was always punctual and finished his work on time. He is a hard worker, honest, and trustworthy. After each work day, he always left his work area clean and did not waste materials.

I highly recommend Rob to anyone who is needing assistance in construction.

Sayuri (1996)

To whom it may concern,
Our family has had the pleasure to observe and work directly with Rob during the construction of a major new addition on our present home. Rob has given 110%, always shows up every morning at 7:00 a.m. and begins the work day. His work ethic and ability as a finish carpenter have been teriffic. We would recommend him highly in the future.

Ray (2001)

To whom it may concern,
As a home owner/builder I employed Rob Salazar for a period of 11 weeks to help with the framing of a two story, 1440 sq. ft., strawbale house. I'm pleased with his work which was efficient and precise. He always arrived on time or early, and was willing to work late if needed. I feel his experience and qualifications as a skilled carpenter will be an asset to your project.

Michael (1999)

To Whom It May Concern,
I am honored to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of Robert Salazar, who in my opinion, judging from his carpentry work and the results he has produced, is a blessing to anyone who needs the many skills he can offer.
Rob worked for Sanctuary House from late August to early October, 1999. We asked of him a wide variety of skills to finish up our project, from canales to cabinets, from glass block to tile work, from putting on a deck to ingeniously hiding an unsightly pipe. He also built a wonderful sunroom, installed windows, constructed a parapet wall and wired and stuccoed it, and figured out a difficult roof situation so as to avoid all leakage.
Rob was a godsend for Sanctuary House, and for future projects, if he is available, we will give him first consideration. Punctual, honest, very fast, thoughtful and considerate, exact and enjoyable to work with--he is the kind of worker and professional in his field that, sadly, seems to be getting harder and harder to find.

William (1999)

Dear Dan,
Steve and I wanted to tell you personally what an excellent job the framing crew is doing on our new home. Jerry and his crew (Rob and Mike) have surpassed all of our very high expectations. We knew that when we chose Classic Custom as our builder, our house would be well built and beautiful. This crew has done a spectacular job. The house is going up in a timely manner. The walls that should be straight are perfectly straight. The curved areas of the house are beautifully curved.
Jerry and his crew are truly professionals in their field. They have always been very helpful and polite in explaining the framing process and answering our questions.
Steve and I can highly recommend this crew for other people who want an excellent, clean, well organized job on their home.
Thanks for hiring the best to build our new home!

Steve and Cynthia (2001)

To whom it may concern,
I'm writing this letter to confirm Robert Salazar DBA Perfection Construction has been subcontracting various projects with my company.
We contract the framing on residential custom homes ranging in the area of $300,000 to $1.5 million.
Robert has definitely been a great asset in doing this task. All jobs taken on by Perfection Construction have been completed in a timely manner. More important, clean work and client praise have been abundant.

Jerry (2001)

To whom it may concern:
Rob began his employment with Siena in July 1994. During his employment Rob's duties involved a broad range of construction skills including foundation, masonry, rough and finish carpentry and cabinetry work. Rob displayed a competent level of skill in all of these areas. He was very reliable and responsible in both his work attendance and attention to detail. I feel Rob would be a strong asset to a construction company as a competent and reliable employee.

Dennis (1997)

To whom it may concern:
Robert Salazar has been employed by us since November 10, 1993. He was hired as a framing carpenter at a rate of $10. per hour. After two weeks, his hourly rate was raised to $12. per hour because of his superior performance. Robert received one additional raise in February to $13. per hour because of his ability to perform several tasks, other than carpentry.
Following is a list of jobs performed by Robert over a six month period:

Rough Framing
Lining and Plumbing
Foundation Layout and Forming
Brick Floor Laying
Tile Installation
Window Installation
Door Installation
Hardware Installation
Shooting Elevations
Installation of Rough-Sawn Ceilings
Drywall Installation and Finishing
General Pick-up

Robert has been a very valuable asset to our company. His performance in all tasks has been exceptional. He has been very prompt with showing up in the morning and has not been one to abuse breaks. When our next project begins, we would be very pleased to have Robert come back with us.
I hope that this letter has been helpful in your decision to hire Robert. If you have any further questions, please feel free to call our office.

Thank you,
Mike (1994)

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