Plans for the Future

Addition, downstairs

Salazar/Luther Residential Addition

Planned for the Spring and Summer of 200? is a 1,440 square foot addition to our house in Pojoaque. Over the years we've sort of filled up our 720 square foot house, and now with a second child an expansion is certainly in order. This is a drawing of the first floor plan (existing in white, addition in light blue). The addition on this level will include two bedrooms, an office and a bathroom. Since the roof over the existing house is a shed roof sloping toward the addition, it will have to be removed and replaced with a hip roof shedding to the three sides away from the addition. In keeping with the original plan for this residence (started in 1991), the lower addition will be somewhat "earth-sheltered" and the upstairs will incorporate basic passive solar features.

Addition, upstairs

This is a drawing of the second floor which will be situated above the lower level addition. There will be a stairway from the lower to the upper floor, and upstairs will be a large kitchen area and another bathroom. On the east and west side of this level will be two deck areas accessible through double glazed doors. From the east side of the house there is a great view of the Sangre de Cristo range and from the west, the Jemez range is visible. We need a huge kitchen because we all like to eat well and we make a lot of things that most folk just buy at the store. We grow a vegetable garden when the sky and the acequia allow, we make bread and a significant amount of cheese from the goat milk our Saanen doe produces. We'll have two more does to milk in spring 2005, so we'll be making even more cheese, ice cream, pudding, yoghurt, soap and maybe even butter!

There'll be more pictures and news as the project progresses. Stay tuned!

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